Good Company Practice is a unique idea for 
building community in a local region by practicing the Healing Arts - a community-of-practice

The intention is to create more meaningful connections between people through Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Drama Games, Dance, Play, Theatre Skills, Body Mindfulness based stress-reduction and Somatic Awareness, Relaxation techniques, Communication and Relationship skills. 

Learn unique social innovation practices that support and facilitate “conversations that matter” - Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Appreciative  Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication NVC and Circles of Trust. 

Good Company is a "living practice" in a local community ~ where you live, coupled with internet                    online interaction & communication.  

The aim of Good Company Practice is to build a more caring and supportive community, starting with being good company with and for oneself, then with and for others. 

Establishing Good Company in a local area is a gradual process of re-evaluating and improving how people connect and relate with each other. 

Good Company is designed to be inclusive, accessible, affordable and fun through ongoing partner practice, small group practice with local people in your area where you live. 

Good Company workshops draw participants together from local towns in the region to gather at a central location for special trainings and celebratory events.