Benefits of P2

P2 - Partner Practice is a new way to connect

  • P2 is a new way to be with another
  • P2 is a new way to meet people, meet = come together, get together, encounter, join, link, touch
  • P2 is union, two people yoking, joining together - yoga together
  • Connecting with another beyond words as a way of communicating 
  • Practice getting used to consciously connecting and separating

  • Connect with yourself & another simultaneously, this is called Mutuality
  • Mutuality can potentially be practiced in all P2 practices . . .
  • We practice mutuality so as not to get lost in relationship, not abandoning ourself

A new way to be together

  • Practice can mean “simply being” and not doing too much at all
  • Little experiments, explorations, experiences and verbally sharing with your partner, comparing notes, learning together, . . .  
  • Practice in how to be together with someone in a new way

Partner Practice is “experiential contact & presence”

 For single people it is a real way to connect with no strings attached

Partner Practice is . . .

  • A radically revolutionary way of relating
  • Neo-tantric
  • Tantric
  • Not necessarily sexual and P2 enhances your sex life, your love life.
  • A radical, revolutionary, real way of relating.

P2 is a training 

  • Practice intimate relating with anybody in your life now 
  • Learn and practice of a skilful practice for your future connections
  • Partner Practice is having more intimate connections in your life, even if/when you are in a committed intimate relationship 

You can have several practice partner

  • Practice with one partner at a time
  • Get together different partners and practice in different ways
  • Have as many partners as you feel comfortable with

Partner Practice provides guidelines to maintaining good partner relations with people

  • Boundaries
  • Recognising Yes and No

Tuning into your Partner is important

Listen to the other

Respect the other

Reading cues

Being sensitive

Self-respect during Partner Practice

Listen to yourself

Speak up for yourself

Honour your own needs

Ask for what you want


Work things out together

Aim to have good successful relating

Talk about your interaction with each other 

Partner Practice

Is a life-time relationship skill

Supports your evolving self

Supports your health and well-being

Intentional loving behavior

Partner Practice is intentional living, loving and laughing

Intentional living

Intentionally being present with another

Intentional loving - practicing being loving and in contact with another

Having fun together - playing around, joking and having a laugh together

Keep it simple, direct and provocative

Don’t avoid the sexual aspect of relationship

Sexual energy is dynamic tension between people 


  • Use the current social patterns, difficulties, awkwardness and uncomfortable problems in relating with another person

P2 is a real solution

  • P2 is a real solution to the ills of relationships
  • Conscious Foreplay - How to play? Learn how to prolong foreplay. Play for a long time. Long playful foreplay sessions  

Apply your new P2 knowledge and skills

  • Integrate P2 into your life and your relationships?
  • Apply they new knowledge and skills you have learnt through your P2 training, practice and experience in Partner Practice
  • You can practice alone or with others
  • You can put into practice what you have discovered and learnt
  • Practice being more playful, in contact
  • Relate and be innovative with yourself and/or with people like never before.

P2 is a progressive building of confidence and skills

  • The whole process of P2 is a progressive building of your confidence and skills
  • First connecting with your experience of yourself, your body, your feeling, and your thoughts in the presence of another. 

Practice P2 in your daily life

  • Through partner exercises you are practicing how you communicate your living experience with others.
  • The more you practice the better you get at this and you deepen your connection with others as you are heard and seen. 
  • One thing leads to another, from Personal practice to Partner practice to People practice.