Breathing is a wave like motion at all times moving through your body. Breathe the breath that gives you the most life.

Breathing increases body energy and heightens sensations and can speed up the release of emotions. Be aware when your breathing is restricted, shallow or held.

The breath makes everything more powerful and needs to be approached with respect, gentleness and in a self-regulatory way--- doing a little at a time and resting.  

Breathe in the direction of “less is more” directing your attention to the subtle qualities of the natural breath. Take care not to push the breath. 

Breathing is intimately connected with good grounding, being present and being centered and most importantly our feelings and emotions.

Releasing the holding in the diaphragm allows gut feelings to come up and out.

Breathing out through the mouth with some sound evokes emotions, opens the throat, allowing the heart and chest area to express. 

Breathing in this way is a gradual intimate connection with sensations, feelings, and emotions held within the body to be released slowly and gradually, in an integrated way, we are not looking for a big cathartic release.

When you breathe well, you are more vital and alive as well as relaxed and calm in body, mind and emotion.

Breathing in = gathering, taking in - I can have.

Breathing out = releasing, giving out - I can let go.

Breathing Exercise Suggestions

This breathing exercise is for getting more in touch with your feelings and grounding yourself emotionally.

Lie on your back with your knees up and the soles of your feet on the ground. Gently stretch the back of your neck, place your hands on your belly. Breathe into your belly like blowing up a balloon - say any one of the following words silently in your mind as you ‘breathe out through your mouth’ --- "release"  "let go"  "collapse". Make any sounds that feel appropriate on the out-breath, like moaning, groaning, try saying "Ah". Start with 5 mins, try ten or fifteen minutes sometimes. Take a nap afterwards.

A natural meditative flowing breath exercise.

Bring awareness to the end of your out-breath,  feel the ‘emptiness’ . . . be aware of the ‘stillness’ before the next in-breath . . . notice the ‘impulse’ to breathe-in . . . follow your in-breath to its fullness . . . notice "the turning point of the breath”, momentarily rest here and then softly let go - breathing-out. Follow this breathing cycle for several minutes and rest, repeat, rest and repeat. Sit or take a nap.

Visualise the Breath: 

Breath-out: black, poison, toxins, negativity and anything else you want to expel. 

Breathe-in: fresh, clean, healing energies of the rainforest, beach, blue sky - filling yourself with positive energy - love, silence, humour, spontaneity, wisdom, freedom, peace.