Relaxation is healing - it can relieve anxieties, frustrations and the pressures that so often cause you to stagnate, thus preventing you from enjoying your full experience of life. Deep relaxation can help purify your inner energies. 

You can begin to relax by just becoming aware of whatever feelings you are experiencing – the tightness in your muscles, difficulties in breathing, or pressure in your head.

A Personal Practice: Resting Down

Awareness is, in & of itself, healing. 

When you learn to relax your body, breath, and mind, the body becomes healthy, 

and the mind becomes clear.

Once you relax and your mind is free from distractions, you begin to feel more open 

and natural, more available, present.

Throughout the day, you can continue to nourish the positive energy of relaxation.

Relaxing the body prepares you for the deeper experience of meditation.

Relax, start feeling calmer, happier, more harmoniously in touch within yourself.

Don't push the river.