Self-Regulation is “ kindness to self ”. Self-regulation is the fundamental “life-skill” most people eventually learn through the practice of Zenergetics. When self-regulation is impaired we may not be able to stop when we need to, or at least slow down --- eating, drinking, sex, driving, talking, exercising . . . self-regulation is integral to a healthy life.

Practicing self-regulation is learning to get used to the feeling of “ take good care of yourself ”, you can learn this as you exercise and hopefully you can translate this learning into the way you live your life. 

Self-Regulation is where you self-monitor, self-adjust as your circumstances change, meeting your needs as you feel you need to, adapting to your environment. 

In life and when exercising---people are prone to over-do things, with a tendency to try too hard, push & strain, so, we deliberately practice doing less, less effort, being gentle with the body, not going to extremes. 

We practice with the intention to renew our capacity for self-regulation: consciously cultivating kindness, self-care & the willingness to take good care of ourselves. 

So, we practice doing a little bit & resting, then do a little bit more & rest again. 

This is a good way to begin. 

Know you can come back & do a bit more when you feel good & ready. 

This is valuable life-learning for reclaiming your “life-time”- doing things in your time.

Knowing when enough is enough.