Sound gives expression to the body. Many people don’t make any sounds when they exercise,  it seems like some sort of endurance test not to express any sound. Your body produces sounds with your voice - groaning, sighing, yawning.  

Allowing yourself to play with your voice & freely express sounds is often a delightful experience for many people. Listening to your own voice making sounds is a process of self-discovery. Sounds often become more congruent & authentic with each exercise.

The expression in your voice allows your insides to be heard and to come out immediately and say, “this is how I am feeling, right now” – “this is who I am now”. Whether it is in relation to an exercise or simply doing anything in daily life. Expressing sounds of struggle, difficulty, enjoyment, pleasure, whatever --- this feeling I am having. Find your voice.

This is the beginning for many people to learn to express and communicate how they are feeling in the present moment. You can take these new-found skills into your life and relationships, wherever you may be.

Sound allows others to know where you are and how you are. Sound is beyond words, it is primal communication - grunts, groans, moans, oos, ahs, umm --- our animal nature.

Enjoy exploring ways to invite your body to reclaim your capacity for natural sounds. 

Making sounds may be awkward at first for some people, try yawning at these times. Focus on having fun with natural sounds without judgement and self-criticism.

Allowing an occasional sigh or groan will move some of the energy of stress, pressure or tension in your body-mind, and create a sense of relief, relaxation and well-being.

Natural sounds often express feeling states that your conscious mind may not have noticed, and therefore provide information about your emotional body’s deeper needs. 

Natural sound is like an inner stretch that allows you to redirect your attention for a moment from what you're “doing” to a deeper state. Yawning, for example, is usually a signal that you're body needs oxygen, to wake you up, to become more alert or you're becoming tired or bored and need a break.

We know, from Somatic Psychotherapy, that the practice of allowing sounds to be expressed freely is therapeutic, when appropriate. To let go, release, and allow emotional expression, feelings to be expressed, energy flowing. 

Sounds add to the effectiveness of any exercise, they juice it up - helping fluids move more easily through the body, sounds fuel the energy of the exercise, they make it more potent, accessing your emotional experience.

The Sound of Om-Ah-Hum

Ommmm - filling your head/skull/brain with the sound of Om – 1 to 2 mins approx.

Ahhh expressed through an open mouth - filling your throat center with the sound Ah.

Hummm into your heart center - filling your chest/heart/lungs with the sound of Hum. 

Do this for about three minutes in each center.

Now simultaneously Hum into all three centers for two or three mins and take a nap.


The Silent Sound of Om-Ah-Hum

Breathing-in, through your nose, silently hear the sound "Om" ,  as the breath reaches the top of the in-breath, open your mouth and softly say "Ah" and as you breathe-out silently or audibly sound Hum. Repeat.